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Based in Singapore, Art of Company is a collective of local artists and content creators from different walks of life united with a single passion - creating. We have individuals dedicated to photography, copy-editing, conceptual design, market research, animation, and account management under our fleet, offering you with the most well-rounded social media marketing campaigns for your business. 

Do we sound like a typical social media marketing agency in Singapore yet? Surprise surprise, we are not one! Being a collective of freelance artists gives us the ability to understand marketing trends and move away from traditional marketing methods efficiently if need be. Choose us and our services, and you will always be able to obtain the freshest ideas, designs and most comprehensive social media marketing works from our team of stellar content creators. Contact us today and let us start building a killer social media campaign for your business in Singapore today.



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Due to the recent global pandemic, the art industry and its people on both ends; clients, artists have suffered greatly. Jobs were lost, events, exhibitions, photoshoots, commissions, and more were dropped or cancelled due to cutbacks. As a result, we gathered to become a proxy - to bridge the gap between potential clients and artists - both internationally and locally in Singapore. 

Together, as creatives, Art of Company wishes to provide our clients with carefully curated content on social media, digital platforms and top-notch design work, while presenting our local artists with opportunities to improve their craft.


Being a collective of freelance artists allows Art of Company to transcend traditional marketing methods and work towards your business goals more nimbly. Here, we eliminate the need for any costs that come with a third-party agency. Find out how you can leverage our comprehensive yet affordable social media marketing packages to rise above the competition. 

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